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PanAfrican Review Editorial Values


PanAfrican Review is a platform for accurate, compelling, and provocative analytical articles on matters of concern to Africans.

Our aim is to challenge patterns of thought that continue to treat Africans as a problem and to build a critical mass for social change that conceives African value systems as worthy.

Our analysts will bring rigor through researched but accessible and easy to consume presentation.

Our contributors exercise the freedom of thought and conscience to be able to challenge orthodoxy in a thought provoking manner that nonetheless pays due attention to public decorum.

Since there’s no freedom without responsibility, we demand that our contributors observe common decency, avoid profanities, discriminatory and hate speech.

When we do make mistakes – and we will – we will hold ourselves accountable and we encourage our readers to demand accountability from us. We shall endeavor to be responsive and be prepared to correct errors in substance and form.

We shall take sides. It is only by taking sides that we can maintain our vision of influencing sides. However, we will strive to to do this through fairness and accuracy.


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